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We need your help!

There is another city council meeting planned for Monday, 3/2/2015 at 7pm at the Timony Auditorium.  This meeting is is a regular scheduled meeeting, but will include a vote on the city approving the construction of...

  • A new clubhouse at Nicholson Stadium
  • Making the bathrooms in the old clubhouse ADA compliant
  • New visitor bleachers (old ones falling apart and not ADA compliant)
  • a handicap accessible ramp to get to the lower fields
  • artificial turf in Nicholson Stadium and the lower field (not the Pop Warner field)

The reason for turf is to make sure that all of the HS and youth groups can use the new facility. As you know, we practice and play at the Tenney field.  We do not have access to bathrooms or changing facilities.  This is unacceptable for our children!  In order to change this, we need your help!  The City Council needs to hear from it constituents that the citizens of Methuen are in favor of renovating the city owned property with a combination of grants, private donations and city funds. In order to benefit the entire community, we need to let the city council know that we are in favor of option 1, which is not only the stadium, but the lower field as well. Contact your city councilman/woman today! If you are unsure as to what to say, here is a short script to follow.

 My name is _________________________ and I ask as a registered voter that you support the complete project in its entirety so I can support you in the next election. 

Council Chairman – Ron Marsan (opposed)
(978) 689-3676 rmarsan@ci.methuen.ma.us

Vice Chairperson – Lisa Yarid-Ferry
(978) 376-9891 ljyarid-ferry@ci.methuen.ma.us

Councilor-at large – Daniel Grayton (opposed)
(978) 835-6993 dgrayton@ci.methuen.ma.us

Councilor-at large – Joyce Campagnone
(978) 682-0105 jccampagnone@ci.methuen.ma.us

Councilor-at large – James Jaguga
(978) 689-8711 jpjajuga@ci.methuen.ma.us

Central District Councilor – James Atkinson (opposed)
(978) 918-5300 jatkinson@ci.methuen.ma.us

East District Councilor – Thomas Ciulla
(617) 894-4680 tciulla@ci.methuen.ma.us

West District Councilor – George Kazanjian (opposed)
(978) 686-8084 gjkazanjian@ci.methuen.ma.us

West District Councilor – Sean Fountain
(978) 804-1748 sjfountain@ci.methuen.ma.us

Please let me know once you send the email or you can go to Facebook and post it on the Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee page! Also, we need everyone to show up on the 2nd and pack the Timony Auditorium again.  There will be baby sitting services and clinics going on throughout the town to help with child care during the meeting. 

Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you have about the project or the funding of the construction.

It is time for Methuen to invest in it's future!

Joel Faretra
President - Methuen Youth Lacrosse


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