Golden Pinnie Winners

Presented By:

Kamsi Agu, 3/4 Boys Blue

Kamsi stepped up in week 1 for our team and played goalie with no questions asked. Not only did we lead our team to victory making big saves in the second half, his overall attitude and "dance moves" in the net yesterday kept our team's energy up all game.

Presented By:

Everly Finneran, 3/4 Girls White

Everly did a great job on defense during the first half keeping her opponents on their toes and had some great saves in goal especially in the last minute of the game. She has a great attitude and showed enthusiasm throughout the game!

Previous Winners:

Lily Giard, 7/8 Girls White


Samson Cantara, 3/4 Boys Black



Brogan Laflamme, 3/4 Boys Blue

Savannah Rumardo, 5/6 Girls White

Westin Sawicki, 3/4 Boys Blue

Brianna Rizza, 7/8 Girls White

Callum Sakowich, 5/6 Boys Black

Lily Goor, 3/4 Girls Black

Mike Yirrell, 7/8 Boys Blue

Quinn Laflamme, 7/8 Girls White

Joel DiPietro, 5/6 Boys Blue

Rylie Whittaker, Girls 3/4 White

Logan Couture, Boys 3/4 Black

Lola Enos, Girls 3/4 Black

Caleb Rossi, Boys 3/4 Black