Golden Pinnie Winners

Presented By:

Caden, 1/2 Boys Blue

Caden started in our first stick program a couple of years ago, and then tried lacrosse in kindergarten on our 1st 2nd grade team and he quit after only a few practices. Fast forward to now, I had the privilege of coaching his team in week 6 and Caden is a team player. Willing to play any position, loves the game, and wants to help his team out.

Presented By:

Jillian, 5/6 Girls White

Jillian is a tenacious defender on the field! Even when everyone on the team is exhausted, she’s still standing next to the coach’s side wanting to go into the game to help her team. She is new to the game and still learning, but she is one of the most improved players on the team from the start of the year, and has a great future in lacrosse!

Previous Winners:

Gracie, 7/8 Girls White


Nick, 7/8 Boys Blue

Rachel, 5/6 Girls White


Radigan, 5/6 Boys Blue

Caroline, 1/2 Girls White


Bryce, 1/2 Boys Blue

Braelyn, 1/2 Girls White


Lliam, 7/8 Boys Blue

Everly, 3/4 Girls White


Kamsi, 3/4 Boys Blue

Lily Giard, 7/8 Girls White


Samson, 3/4 Boys Black



Brogan, 3/4 Boys Blue

Savannah, 5/6 Girls White

Westin, 3/4 Boys Blue

Brianna, 7/8 Girls White

Callum, 5/6 Boys Black

Lily, 3/4 Girls Black

Mike, 7/8 Boys Blue

Quinn, 7/8 Girls White

Joel, 5/6 Boys Blue

Rylie, Girls 3/4 White

Logan, Boys 3/4 Black

Lola, Girls 3/4 Black

Caleb, Boys 3/4 Black