Coach Caitlin Connolly

With infectious enthusiasm, Coach Cait ignites a fire within her teams, encouraging them to embrace the joy of the game and to develop a lifelong love for lacrosse. Coach Cait acts as the type of leader we all want as the head of a youth lacrosse team. She guides and motivates her teams and is always prepared for a practice that will improve each players skills. Cait always strikes a balance between skill development and creating a fun and enjoyable experience for her players. She designs practices that are challenging, engaging, and age-appropriate, focusing on individual skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. By creating this positive and enjoyable atmosphere, she is cultivating a lifelong love for the sport.

Coach Cait understands that young athletes require patience and empathy. She knows that every child is unique, with different abilities, learning styles, and emotional needs. She provides constructive criticism and support, focusing on building confidence and resilience in her players. She celebrates successes, no matter how small, and helps athletes learn from mistakes without discouragement.

Because of her incredible passion for the sport and the ability to bring out the best traits in our girls, Coach Cait has earned her place on the coach's spotlight.

Learn More About Coach Cait

What is your role this year for Methuen Youth Lacrosse? I am coaching the 5-6 girls Classic team and the 7/8 Select Team.

How many years have you been volunteering for Methuen Lacrosse? 3 years

What is your lacrosse or sports background? My town and high school did not have lacrosse, I learned to play as a postgraduate student at a private school, before heading into College. My first job out of college was as an assistant field hockey coach at DII Bryant University. The head lacrosse coach also needed an assistant and asked me to step in. I have been involved with lacrosse ever since. I have coached college field hockey & lacrosse for 16 years and in 2021, I stepped away from college coaching and into an administrative role.

What is your favorite part of being a coach? I love watching players develop and learn new skills.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model? Why them?  My parents were both athletes and have been influential and supportive in my playing and coaching career. My college field hockey coaches made a positive impact on me as a player and person and they are why I entered the coaching field.

Where did you grow up?  Manchester, NH

How many kids do you have?  2

What is your favorite drill?   Crash Drill - this is a defensive drill, learning to crash to the ball and protect the net. This drill also works on defensive communication and slides.

Besides lacrosse, what is your favorite thing to do?  I love to read and run in my free time.

Where is your favorite spot to visit on vacation?  The beach

Netflix or Youtube?  Netflix

Netflix or Youtube?  Turf!